Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador


The Fire-Breathing Aventador by Liberty Walk

It seems like all the rage now is wide-body kits for cars ranging from Mustangs to Lotus Exiges. One company to take the idea of wicked wide-body designs to the extreme is a Japanese modifier called Liberty Walk.

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By Anthony Alaniz

The company, which brings classic Japanese design and heritage to today’s supercars, has just set its sights on the Lamborghini Aventador—and it is a stunner. Liberty Walk needs to take a page from Oprah’s playbook and ensure every car receives the wide body treatment—you get a wide body! And you get a wide body! Everybody gets a wide body!

There is an unmatched level of precision and artisanship found in the Aventador kit that makes it appear as if it has just rolled of the factory line. It looks like a wide-body kit was always meant to adorn the Italian supercar. The lines, creases, and bulges look natural—not out of place like many modifications do on other cars today.


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Officially breaking cover at the 2014 Las Vegas SEMA show, the Aventador and Liberty Walk kit look downright mean. The lines are crisp, the stance angular.

To fit such a kit onto the car, the craftsman at Liberty Walk had to diligently cut into the car and sculpt the kit to fit, and that is what makes it appear so OEM. While there is already a body kit from the company available, offering a front bumper, rear and side diffusers and a wing, it doesn’t have the same gravitas the wide-body kit offers.

And while the Aventador may be making waves for the company as its latest creation, it has a host of kits for Ferraris and Nissan GT-Rs. Nothing is left off the table at Liberty Walk.

We can only hope this trend continues, but we doubt a company will hit as many homeruns as Liberty Walk has.


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