Narke Electrojet is an Electric Jet Ski the Oceans Will Love

Ditch the gasoline and nasty exhaust fumes

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A Personal Watercraft that’s Environmentally Friendly

According to this Hungarian-based company, they’ve just created the world’s first electric jet ski. With sleek looks and sharp edges, the Narke Electrojet may put the Seo Doo to shame for those jet ski fans who care about our oceans.

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Powered by pure electric energy, the Narke won’t spill oil puddles or spew nasty exhaust fumes; as the builder states, this is a “whole new genre of sailing.” By employing environmentally-conscious raw materials, a streamlined design, and an electric drive that’s both efficient and on the quieter side, this is jet-skiing on a new level with a lot of upsides.

Narke Electrojet Electric Jet Ski gaugeThis electrojet takes 2 hours to charge to reach 80-percent capacity, offering 1.5 hours of power per charge. Or swap the battery in a couple minutes. Sporting a carbon fibre reinforced hull, expect the Narke to hit a respectable 34 mph on the open waters with the proprietary three-phase asynchronous motor.

Right now, the Narke Electrojet is in prototype phase but the company will roll out production and availability later this year.

To learn more about this all-electric personal watercraft, visit the Narke site.

Narke Electrojet Electric Jet Ski Narke Electrojet Electric Jet Ski sideview Narke Electrojet Electric Jet Ski head on front

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