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Chevrolet Colorado Reviews

Good to see small trucks making a comeback, including the Chevrolet Colorado. We review Chevy’s latest mid-size truck models including the ZR2 and diesel. After taking a short hiatus, the Colorado returned to North America in 2015 with a bolder, beefier look and attitude.

2016 chevy colorado trail boss

In Pictures: 2016 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss in Solvang, CA

Now available with a turbo-diesel, the 2016 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss Edition Midsize Pickup Takes Off-Road Adventure to New Heights.

In Pictures: Exploring Beautiful Squamish in Chevy’s New Colorado Pickup

With a zeal for adventure, Chevrolet's all-new midsize 2015 Colorado pickup is a stylish yet versatile answer to those hitting the mountains - or just hitting the local market.