Along Came a Spyder: A Novitec Twin-Supercharged Ferrarri 360 Modena Spyder

When a stock 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder isn’t enough. Twin supercharge it with help from Novitec Rosso.

The 360 Modena Spider is a gorgeous car, no doubt. Are the streets of major cities riddled with them? As far as Ferraris go, yeah, probably.  Novitec Rosso, the German-based authority on Ferrari refinement, steps in to take what is already a gifted vehicle and make it better. Zahir Rana, the owner of ZR Auto in Calgary, Alberta, is the Canadian distributor for Novitec, the outcome is one of the slickest tuned Modenas around—a 2002 Ferrari 360 Novitec Spider. A twin-supercharged Modena softtop, now that’s pretty cool.

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Who can forget the early ‘80s classic TV show Magnum P.I.? Tom Selleck frolicking the Hawaiian streets in his Pinifarina-styled Ferrarri 308 GTS. Zahir certainly didn’t, he was so mesmerized by the persona and appeal of such a beautiful exotic car and the joys that come with it, he managed to get his hands on his own Ferrari 308 back in 1983, and hasn’t taken his floral shirt off since. Whether it was Selleck’s mustache or the car, we don’t know, but it’s this whole sense of masculinity, clout, and Americana infused with Italian craftsmanship that comes with owning a Ferrari that spawned an obsession for Zahir to own even more. Including the Ferrari Enzo and one of the only street legal F40’s around.

So what prompts one to completely beef up an F360, or any exotic for that matter?  “When you get comfortable driving V12s, there’s something missing in a V8,” Zahir says, “It simply isn’t as exhilarating.”  Fair enough, so after the car was dressed up and a couple certified Novitec technicians flew in to do their thing to the engine, the transformation was up to par, “now it has that supercar appeal” Zahir says.

Ferrarri 360 Modena SpyderFerrarri 360 Modena Spyder

First order of business, play with the internals and make this Spider a “twinner.” A far stretch from the stock F360, this Modena is equipped with a Novitec Supersport bi-compressor/twin superchargers with modified turbine blades and independent oil system. The induction tract modified and completely heat insulated. The intercoolers are water-cooled with water pumps with a few extra water-coolers for good measure. Lending greater flexibility and strength, the V-ripped drive belts were reinforced with dynamic belt-tensioners; fuel injectors were installed to facilitate the extra combustion; and a carbon fiber air filter housing optimizing the air charge. The conversion required a set of Novitec Techtronics units while the existing Motronics was reprogrammed.

Ferrarri 360 Modena Spyder

We took a F360 Modena Spider for a stroll to see how it faired against the F360 Novitec Spider, and suffice to say, they’re worlds apart—not like we needed a ‘test’ to figure that out. At any rate, the thrust in torque from the stock 275 lb-ft @ 4750rpm to the upgraded 415 lb-ft @ 6250 was evident. So was the 200+ gain in power, increasing from 400bhp @ 8500rpm to the tune of around 606bhp. The stock does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds versus 3.6 tuned, with top speeds of 183mph and approximately 220mph, respectively.

Needless to say, they sound a little different too. Whereas the sexy exhaust notes of a stock Modena would turns heads of happy latte-sipping patio dwellers, the 360 Novitec would see grown men quivering under their patio chairs, or in our case, herds of animals running for their lives as we drive through the countryside. So farmers beware, if you hear power-optimized stainless steel exhaust manifolds and a power-optimized stainless steel exhaust system with twin 90mm outlets nestled in a black, aluminum grill heading your way, round ‘em up.

Stopping assembly is a high performance Novitec brake system that includes two 8-pistion brake calipers with 380mm discs up front, and two 4-piston brake calipers with 380mm discs in the rear, next to a set of brake cooling ducts, brake pads, and steel-flex brake lines—mountable only in conjunction with 19” Novitec rollers. Zahir opted for the aluminum type NF1 centre mounting wheel system, 9×19” et28 (255/30/R19) up front and 12.5×19” et51 (355/25/R19) out back, all wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Rosso, which according to Pirelli, the 25 rear aspect ratio in the rear being the physical limit.

First order of business, play with the internals and make this Spider a “twinner.”

The suspension system was also redone using dual adjustable stainless steel coilovers (that’s right, you can improve the suspension in a Ferrari). The system includes two-way adjustable dampers with remote expansion reservoir, height, rebound, and compression adjustability. Off the lot, the 360’s suspension is on the softer side, and despite the increased stiffness here, the 360 Novitec remained amazingly smooth and comfortable.

Ferrarri 360 Modena Spyder

German design of Novitec meets Italian stylistics of Ferrari is best seen in this car’s aerodynamics and styling, where there’s no compromise between functionality and aesthetics. All the spoilers and skirts fitted to the car have their role in reducing negative lift, while lending the sexy Modena some attitude and aggression. The front spoiler, rear skirt, front air duct inlet set, and black aluminum grill inlet set up front, all fit to their original bumpers. Refining the engineering of Italian motorcars is Novitec’s foundation, and their Modena bi-compressor engine is arguably they’re most significant, defining project to date, but they’re attention to aesthetic design shouldn’t be overlooked either.

This Spider has enough carbon fiber to outfit an Airbus A380, and most of it is in the car’s cockpit. Carbon dashboard covering and centre console both with leather inlet, carbon foot board sets with extensions, engine compartment fitted with a 4 piece carbon covering, and yes, even a carbon engine cap…it’s all carbon, it’s all crazy, and the list goes on and on.

There you have it, the tale of an exotic car aficionado in his unyielding pursuit of greater performance and Novitec Rosso’s okay-take-that call back. Just as Ferrari has innovated the 360 Modena to build its successor, the F430, which was officially released last year in Paris, Novitec will be doing the same. And while that happens, most will be waiting, sipping their lattes. While the rest of us will be quivering under our chairs as ZR Auto’s insane Novitec 360 Spider passes by.

Technical Specs: 2002 Novitec Twin-Supercharged Ferrarri 360 Modena Spyder


Ferrari 3.6L V8, Novitec Supersport Bi-compressor (Twin-supercharged) 

Engine Modifications

Novitec Supersport Bi-compressor including two superchargers with modified turbine-blades and separated oil-circuit, modified heat-insulated induction tract, watercooled intercoolers with additional watercoolers, pumps, reinforced v-ripped belts with dynamic belt-tensioners, injectors, modified Motronics in combination with Novitec Techtronics and carbon airfilter-housing.

Exhaust Systems

Power-optimized exhaust system in stainless steel without flap-regulation;

Supersport with 2x90mm outlets (2 left + 2 right) with black aluminium-grill for bumper exhaust manifolds; Two Power-optimized stainless steel exhaust manifolds

Brake System

Front: Two 8-piston brake-calipers with 380mm discs

Rear: Two 4-piston brake-calipers with 380mm discs

2 brake-air blades, steel-flex brake lines and brake pads


Stainless steel coilover suspension (dual adjustment): dual adjustable stainless steel shock absorbers with separated expansion reservoir at damper housing; compression and rebound adjustable in front and rear; Reinforced anti sway bar kit for front and rear.


Aluminium wheel type NF1 with central mounting system.

9,0J x 19J ET 28 with 255/30 R19 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso for front axle.

12,5J x 19J ET 51 with 355/25 R19 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso for rear axle.


Carbon center console with leather inlet in package tray covering Radio + AC blower control Carbon

Carbon dashboard covering

Carbon door package trays with leather inlet

Carbon foot board set for left & right

Carbon foot board extension set for left & right

Carbon interior Kit – complete set (9 parts)

Carbon covering for engine compartment (4 parts), only for Coupe

Carbon covering for airfilter housing set left + right

Carbon engine cap

Carbon engine compartment ventilation louver left and right

Aerodynamics & Styling

Lower front lip

Lower rear skirt

Large side skirt set

Front air duct inlet set on original bumper

Aluminium grill inlet in black on original front bumper with extension for original air duct

Black rear taillights

Carbon rear panel above engine


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