Pirelli P Zero Sound Speaker

100W tire speaker with F1 pedigree

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Tires aren’t a sexy topic. Unless it’s a half scale F1 racing tire used for wind tunnel testing converted into a hi-fi Bluetooth speaker playing sweet, sweet music. Then it’s totally sexy.

Pirelli pairs up with IXOOST – the group that brought us this insane $24,000 Lamborghini loud speaker – to offer another hi-fi speaker for us motorsport fans. Available in 9 different colours, this Pirelli tire speaker is a 1:2 scale model putting out 100W of power from a 25mm tweet and 100mm midwoofer combo.

A 1:2 scale model of the original Pirelli F1 with a 6.5-inch aluminum rim also replicated from the original race wheel, this little speaker goes for about US$2,800 (2400 € to be exact). Learn more at IXOOST.

Pirelli P Zero Sound Speaker Pirelli P Zero Sound Speaker

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