Polish Designers Build Crazy Mountain Rescue Vehicle: The Surgo

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Watches to Vehicles, design team 2sympleks builds the ultimate rescue machine

When you backpack, hike, mountaineer, here’s a nice piece of advice: Adventure only as far as search and rescue can travel. Soon, thanks to a Polish design company, search and rescue will be able to travel much farther. Based out of Warsaw, the 2sympleks design team takes on everything from watches to helicopters. Now they’re working with GOPR, the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue in Poland, to make a search and rescue transport that gobbles up steep, rocky and snowy terrain.

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With 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, the Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle has seating for 8. And the back 6 seats fold and reconfigure to accommodate 2 rescue workers and 2 stretchers. The back entry looks like the loading ramp of a transport aircraft and the interior looks part military jeep/part space shuttle. Still in the prototype stage we look forward to the day when the Surgo can go anywhere, so we can too. (via)

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