Review: PlayTape by InRoad Toys

Ditch the bulky orange tracks for some sticky road tape and curves

Growing up, was I only kid who resorted to thick masking tape and a black Sharpie to create DIY roads for my Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars? Well, fortunately, my son won’t be relegated to the same hack job courtesy of InRoad Toys solution with their PlayTape Classic Road Series and PlayTape Curves — a simple, affordable, and fun way to make little roadways anytime, anywhere. 

The whole process here is simple — unroll the road tape, stick it to a flat surface, and use the separate Curves stickers to create a network of highways and boulevards all jetting in different directions. But simple often leads to the most fun — and simple also puts smiles on parents’ faces. 

InRoad Toys Road Tape review
The PlayTape retails for US $4.97 and is available in Black, Red and Blue (30’x2”), 15’x2” Black (15’x2”). The PlayTape Curves retails for US $4.99 and comes in different sizes and styles.

The tape is recyclable, made of paper, toxin-free, and no scissors or knives required. It’s safe for your floors, walls, and furniture, peeling up easily with no residue. We had our PlayTape on the hardwood floor for months, in a high-traffic area, and found it easy to remove when the time came. Also, the edges of the stickers stayed intact, not peeling or folding up at the corners so they’re always flat.

Not sure we’d put it on the wall, but the adhesive wasn’t super sticky so we’re sure it wouldn’t rip off any paint when the time comes to remove it. 

Forget the messy plastic tracks and stick with easy road tape

As a dad — one who’s either stepping on toys or constantly picking them up — I really appreciated the convenience and practicality of this straight-forward product. In particular, those bulky orange Hot Wheels track sets that basically require a separate room in the house to store. 

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On the other hand, these rolls are easy to travel with so kids can create their roads pretty much anywhere (camping, hotels, grandparents house, etc.), you can leave them in place without any issues (step on it all you want), and ‘clean up’ is quick and easy. 

InRoad Toys Road Tape review
Available in different sizes, the straight road tape is most fun once you can build some twisties and bends into the mix. Photo: Amee Reehal

Sure, those orange tracks are a blast too, but this sticker product is a great alternative and really opens up the imagination to creating new worlds. I won’t lie, I enjoyed playing with this more than my son did. 

InRoad Toys says the road tape is “easy to tear and reposition.” In my experience, however, it’s not so easy to remove and reuse — like any tape, once you remove it, you risk ripping it (as we did) and it loses that stickiness that’s essential. I’d recommend leaving it in place the first time, if possible. 


Super simple and lots of fun. This product doesn’t take much space to store or travel with, and opens up a new world of imagination and enjoyment with those small cars without resorting to purchasing the big, bulky orange track sets — in fact, the road tape compliments it, allowing for bigger worlds and interaction.

Clean up is a cinch, tape doesn’t leave any residue upon removal, and overall, fairly inexpensive too which makes this dad a happy camper. 

Sizes and availability

Made in the US and for ages 3 years and older, both the PlayTape and PlayTape Curves are available at more than 3,100 Walmart stores in the U.S, and 410 Walmart stores across Canada. 

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We had the Classic Road Series for everyday driving but InRoad Toys also offers a railroad and off-road version.

The PlayTape road tape retails for US $4.97 and is available in Black, Red and Blue (30’x2”), 15’x2” Black (15’x2”). The PlayTape Curves retails for US $4.99 and comes in different sizes and styles, including: Classic Road Series Tight Curve (2″ Wide); Classic Road Series Broad Curve (2″ Wide); Classic Road Series Tight Curve (4″ Wide); Classic Rail Series Curve (2″ Wide) and Off-Road Series Mud Madness Curve (2″ Wide).

Amee Reehal
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