The Union Garage Robinson Motorcycle Jacket

The vintage bike jacket with big protection

A fitted motorcycle jacket without all the bulk, the Robinson Motorcycle Jacket by the good people at Union Garage NYC features a removable protection shield, if you will; the CE or certified D3O elbow, shoulder and back. With this design, it is safe to say that it is the only vintage-styled waxed canvas motorcycle jacket on the market to offer this right now.


Most enthusiasts will likely love the fact that of all the benefits this jacket offers including the flexibility and comfort of the D3O “shield” until which time an encounter of impact occur, the “shield” will instantly harden offering its remarkable and very effective protection that all bikers desire and need most.

Also features 7 pockets, conveniently seen running from left to right across the lower back; it is efficiently and effectively designed to hold a pair of gloves, maps, hip flasks, hand guns, or anything else you may need on the road. With the width, you will find that it can be easily accessed with either of your hands from left or right. On top of this convenient feature of 7 pockets, the material used to construct this article of durable beauty is breathable and waterproof as well.

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Union Garage Robinson Motorcycle Jacket

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