Sailun Expands High-Performance Lineup with New Atrezzo R01 Tires

Affordable High-Performance Tires by Sailun On Sale Now

The ultra high-performance tire segment just got a new addition with the Sailun Atrezzo R01, with plans for a run-flat version in the works.

Atrezzo R01 Features

Offering true car enthusiasts a well-balanced product designed with more technical benefits than a typical passenger tire, the Atrezzo R01 features twin solid centre ribs for a more planted feel and improved handling; special UHP tread compound for better traction and braking performance; and the wider tread elements provide maximum road contact for more even wear. The reinforced sidewall of the Atrezzo R01 also helps prevent lateral deflection whether on the track, highway, or busy city streets.

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Sailun may not be the biggest tire player on the market but they stand behind their products. As Sailun Canada’s Sales Director puts it, “We do a lot of research and testing to ensure we produce performance tires that competitively hang in there with all the big brands and still come in at a 20 to 30 percent lower cost.”

The Sailun Atrezzo R01 are now available in the US and Canada at authorized dealers.

Sailun Atrezzo R01 Specs

Sailun Atrezzo R01 specs



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