New mud terrain tires for sport utilities & small trucks hits the market

Sailun's latest addition to the utility tire lineup

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Designed for light trucks, crossovers, and sport trucks hitting the unpaved roads, Sailun’s latest tire is built for on and off road performance in both wet and dry conditions. Seeing as sport utilities are all the rage right now, adding a tough tire to the mix only makes sense for those looking for a bit of adventure.

Available in 16 sizes from 31X10.50R15 to LT305/55R20, the Terramax M/T is the brand’s latest addition to the popular SUV lineup and comes with an industry-leading 1 year Road Hazard Replacement warranty.

Specifically for both everyday driving and off-road performance, Sailun designed these ruggedly focused mud terrain tires with ultra-strong three-layer reinforced casing with 3 ply shielded sidewall puncture protection to handle those uncompromising trails. To keep them planted, a wide, deep tread pattern ensures the Terramax M/Ts will perform in both wet and dry conditions for maximum traction.

For serious traversing duties, large staggered shoulder blocks with deep design grooves paired to chunky overall styling gives these affordable terrain tires that extra confidence drivers expect. As the company puts it, they wanted to make sure the new M/Ts enhance handling, grip, stability and ride quality while expelling mud at high and low speeds without any issues. Learn more at