Celebrating Heroes: Sailun Tire honours first-responders with Drive-In Movie Night

A fun night out while thanking all those keeping us safe

We’re several months into this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, and the effects of isolation is hitting many of us hard. Meanwhile, the tireless and heroic efforts of our front-line workers and first responders continues — keeping us safe even with an anticipated second-wave looming in the coming months. 

What better way to acknowledge, celebrate and thank the contributions of these unsung heroes while bringing people together for a fun night out in a safe and responsible way than a drive-in movie night.

That’s exactly what Sailun Tire recently did hosting their successful Sailun Drive-In Movie Night. “The idea came about after thinking of ways in which people could gather safely and socially to have fun,” explains Mark Pereira, Senior Marketing Manager at Sailun Tires Americas. “And to recognize the great contributions made by front-line and essential workers such as first responders, firefighters, paramedics, health care professionals and care home staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Check out this short video from the event:

160 parking spots were available — all accounted for as word of the Sailun Drive-in Movie Night quickly spread. Non-perishable food donations were being accepted and the movie intermission featured special presentations that highlighted the contributions of front-line and emergency workers, while special gift baskets were provided to attendees as they drove into the venue.

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In addition, Sailun Tire did a separate draw for 8 sets of tires, all won by essential workers and first responders.

A fitting event hosted by the global tire brand, “providing a great opportunity to tie in the automotive industry with the car culture experience that is still extremely prevalent in North America,” says Pereira.

Patrons at the Sailun Tire Drive-In Movie Night receiving their gift packages as they roll in. Photo: Sailun Tire

Giving back and doing the right thing

From automakers converting their plants into PPE manufacturing facilities to corporate brands such as Sailun Tire giving back and putting smiles on peoples’ faces, it’s great to see these big companies giving back and doing their part in a genuine and well-intentioned fashion, making a difference while acknowledging those who keep us safe.

As Sailin Tire puts it, “Showing our appreciation and bringing everybody together through events like this is simply the right thing to do.” From the looks on the faces of the patrons at Sailun Tire’s first drive-in movie gathering, we’d have to agree. 

Families getting out and enjoying a movie night out during lockdown. Photo: Sailun Tire
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