N60 Electric Streetfighter by Sarolea Motorcycles

A collaboration done right

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Sarolea motorcycles latest collaboration had one goal in mind: “build a high-quality bike that really stands out from the crowd.” A quick look at this sweet, stealthy mostly carbon fibre electric motorcycle and we’d say it’s mission accomplished all the way (and hey, comes with a killer suit, a custom knife, and one-off Hedon helmet). 

One of the oldest motorcycle brands, dating back to 1850, Belgian-based bike maker is all-in in the all-electric bike game with a pair of stunners like the high-performance, 163-hp MANX7. But it’s this N60 MM.01 that’s got us excited, giving us all one more reason to ditch the gas for sustainable energy. 

Carbon fibre electric bike with attitude

Teaming up with The Mighty Machines for this project, the N60 rides on a carbon fibre frame paired to a carbon swingarm, propelled by a quick-charging 22 kWh Lithium-Ion battery providing 330 km / 200 mile range – all part of the air-cooled brushless DC 3-phase electric motor setup.

Ringing in at 215 kg all that carbon goodness, including the fairings, does double duty both in reducing weight while nailing it with blacked-out, contrasting styling. 

Pro-Bolt helped cut weight with titanium and aluminum screws and bolts, and Fabbri Accessori with a plexiglas body. Stylish accessories including the foot peg, mirrors, indicators, plate holder and rear light come courtesy of Rizmoma.  

Planting the rocket to the road are a pair of Dunlop SPORTSMART tires paired to 4-piston front and 2-piston rear brakes from Beringer Aerotec. 

True collaboration with worthy brands

The special edition collabo brings in four other like minded brands pitching in to make this a truly inclusive offering.  

Luxury brand Hedon provides the Carbon Heroine racer helmet, Studio Blade chips in the commemorative damascus steel knife, and Cafe Custom provides a slim cut tailored biker suit that elevates the N60’s entire vibe – because you can’t have a badass street fighter without a suit to match. 

Only 20 units of this limited edition electric bike will be made available, priced at $79,000 for the entire package including a 2-year mechanical warranty on the bike.

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