Roll Out the Seal Tire Speaker at your Next Party

An old, used tire you'll actually want in the home, office or work studio.

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Be that guy with a used tire Bluetooth speaker in the living room. Or roll it out to the yard when the boys show up (and get bonus points for being the environmentally conscious recycler). End of the day, the Seal Tire Speaker is just something that’ll look good while playing your favourite tracks.

Of course, you can drop $24,000 and get this Lambo speaker system if that’s more your speed.

Made of a recycled B-class tire, this innovative yet fairly simple player gets a 2-way speaker including a 115m subwoofer and 25mm tweeters. It’s Bluetooth operated so no wires and according to Seal, is easy to setup with flexible installation to pump out a frequency range of 60 Hz – 20,000 Hz with 10 metres of range.

seal tire speaker rear

Japanese-built and weighting 6kg, the Seal Tire Speaker makes a presence without taking up too much space measuring W470 × H470 × D 125 mm without the A-frame stand shown above.

Right now, the speaker is pre-order only, and unfortunately, only available in Hong Kong. But hey, if you’re an audiophile with some used tires kicking around, perhaps you’ve got your next DIY project on-hand.

seal tire speaker 2 styles

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