The Second-Version of the stunning Toyota FT-1 Concept Goes Glam

Inspired by the iconic Toyota Supra and MR2

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Toyota debuted their sleek FT-1 Concept this past January at the North American Auto Show. Now, they’ve introduced a second-version of the concept — same great design but much more striking, inside and out. And overall, more sophisticated than the first.

This version of the Toyota FT-1 finds a saddle leather interior with more supple seats with an all-natural grain for a more premium feel, whereas the original FT-1 is more bold and driver-oriented.


The designer, Sellene Lee, found inspiration from superhero costumes, particularly, the high-performance, modern materials use to make them. Aside from the superhero performance concept, Sellene Lee veered away from the typical stitching or piping edge treatment found in many vehicle interiors. The painted red edges on the welded leather and painted brown edges on the second FT-1 were inspired by high-end leather bags she found in an upscale department store.

When drivers sit in FT-1, they can feel the difference in materials, textures and color choices that resulted from the design team’s work.

With sculpted intake and outlets, the FT-1 concept retains styling cues and inspiration from the old 2000GT, Celica, Supra MR2, and now FR-S. The original FT-1 shines in race-inspired red, but this second version is a complete 180 yet equally as striking in graphite.

Toyota FT-1 Concept rear view Toyota FT-1 Concept interior

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