VW Rolls Out 999 Units of the Limited Edition California 30 Years Camper

You only turn 30 once

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For 30 years now, the Volkswagen California has been the poster child camper van for anti-cubicle, ultimate road trip adventures. A true traveller’s van that’s aged gracefully over the past three decades. 

Originally built by Westfalia when first arriving in 1988, VW took the California reigns shortly after, taking production in-house in Hannover with the production of the T5 model. Fast forward to today, and we’ve got this gorgeous stunner blending all the charm with the latest tech and features for modern travellers. 

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Special VW California for Sale but Not for the Masses

VW’s special edition 30 Year is a “very special gift” according to the German automaker — we’re sure van lifers everywhere would agree. However, with only 999 units available (with our UK friends receiving 30 of them), you likely won’t see this rarity gracing campgrounds anytime soon. Each unit sports a cool little badge displaying the production number. 

Clean looks all day long. The 30 Years edition gets Drive Assist and Tour Package as standard. Photo: VW

Classic look with aluminum pop-up

This California camper’s styling retains that beautiful, boxy shape you’d expect from VW, rolling on 17-inch alloy wheels available in either anthracite or silver. 

The aluminum pop-up opens up the cabin space with expanding bellows, converting into sleeping quarters when the sun goes down.

California 30 Years gets Volkswagen’s top van upgrades as standard

Drive Assist

Unlike the original T3, today’s models actually make driving dynamics and handling more of a priority. Every California 30 Years gets Drive Assist as standard, adding LED rear lights, parking sensors both front and back, a Lights & Vision package, and lane monitoring for those long highway drives. 

You won’t be able to traverse insane mountain cliffs like these other adventure vehicles, but nor should you. This special edition is all about the journey wrapped up in a modern tech, safe, and comfortable package.

Improved visibility with Lights & Vision package

The Lights & Vision package isn’t a hippy rave upgrade with strobe lights and disco ball (though that would definitely be alright with us). The feature seeks to improve overall visibility with rain-activated windscreen wipers, an auto dimming rear view mirror for those annoying headlights on the road, and front headlights that illuminate the path to and from the vehicle for added security at night. 


Camper bed levels-up with standard Tour Package

Comfort and camper van go hand in hand, right? Expect this add-on to provide a good night’s rest with a sleeping pad to level out the bed; folding up quickly when necessary. Plus, a magnetic torch in the mix for added light and security. The  Tour Package adds a detectable hitch also for optional trailer duties. 

The cabin finds Bright Wood cabinet trims for a cozy vibe, double-glazed windows to keep the heat in, and rear living space storage. Photo: VW

Other cabin features and accessories

For those hot days, the California 30 Years lets you rinse off with an external shower via exterior connection linked to the onboard fresh water reservoir at the back of the van. 

Heating duties

For winter treks or cooler nights, an auxiliary heater featuring a programmable supplementary heating system comes standard to warm up the cabin. Double-glazed windows, also standard, will keep things toasty inside as well. 

Camper storage

Smart storage designed for sufficient cargo in compact spaces is tough to pull off. But this is where the VW camper van’s German ingenuity has set the popular caravan apart. This edition finds easily accessible cupboard and shelf installations through a door and roller shutter all located at the rear segment of the living space. 

All the cabinet decor comes in Bright Wood for a more cozy vibe.

California 30 Years Availability

Again, the VW California 30 Years Edition Camper Van is a rarity with only 999 global units being made available. And to make matters worse for us North Americans, the California isn’t for sale in this part of the world.

…Our 2016 VW California piece from four years ago is still one of our most popular, with the same question being asked: Where can I buy one and how much? Sorry guys.

But if a special edition California isn’t in the cards, you’ve got options like the recently released Crafter Grand California featured here at New Atlas, this 2018 Volkswagen Grand California, or Volkswagen’s Super-Sized California XXL Concept. Or just opt for the sweet LEGO Camper Van if you really need to get your fix.

Head to the VW California site here to learn more.

VW California 30 Years Edition Camper Van poster side profile
You can’t go wrong with some retro flavours. The California 30 Years comes with intelligent Side Assist lane monitoring system, front and rear parking sensors, Lights & Vision package and LED rear lights all as standard. Photo: VW

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