Yamaha Teases Motoroid Concept Motorcycle Ahead of 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

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A pre-show nugget for riders and concept fans, Yamaha has teased the Motoroid: a new concept motorcycle that can interact with its rider thanks to trick artificial intelligence. Shown ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, the bike packs native AI technology which Yamaha says can give its rider the experience of “kando”, the Japanese concept of deep spiritual inspiration and satisfaction.

Glancing at the images, the electric-powered Motoroid has battery cells that look like chrome canisters positioned beneath the seat, which itself comes with a radical racing-inspired design. We can see that the Motoroid has got a seat, handlebars and a solid set of brakes, so this isn’t a purely autonomous motorcycle – or a cute ‘pet’ as some commentators have likened it to – but rather it’s a machine built for riding and interacting with.

Yamaha’s Motoroid is one of 20 various concepts the Japanese builder will showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show beginning on October 27.

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yamaha motoroid concept motorcycle

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