Zarooq Sand Racer is Street-Legal and Desert-Ready

The Zarooq Sand Racer is the UAE’s first production car – and it’s a good one

A full-spec racer that’s totally street-legal, the Zarooq “Sand Racer” is the first production car made in the UAE, designed specifically for the desert. Weighting 1050kg and powered by a 3.5-L V6, the Sand Racer produces 300-500-hp – enough to traverse those mammoth sand dunes or the local Walmart parking lot.

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Handmade, the Zarooq Sand Racer offers bespoke options for those seeking a more customized version from performance and equipment to even car bodies, according to the company.

Sitting high with a powerful suspension and massive beefy wheels, the Sand Racer exudes off-road ability in an aggressive yet super modern and sleek exterior design. 

Looking more like a concept, this racer is the real deal and ready to rock the dunes at a price of around $100,000 US.

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