Zero Motorcycles elevates the new DSR into an electric-powered torque beast

Putting fuel-burning 1000cc motorbikes on notice.

The Zero DSR electric motorcycle was first announced back in 2016 and since then has come a long way. The latest version is known in Zero circles as the “Torque Beast.” It creates 116 lb-ft of torque from its 14.4kWh all-electric powertrain paired with a clutchless direct-drive transmission, and boasts a top speed in its standard form of up to 102 mph or 164 km/h.

The Zero DSR comes in two variants: the ZF 14.4 (mentioned above) and the ZF 14.4 Power Tank. The main difference is in their total range. The ZF 14.4 gets up to 163 miles or 262 km of range optimized for city driving. The Power Tank gets an additional 40 miles or 64 km, bringing it to 204 miles or 326 km total range.

The Power Tank is also heavier with a curb weight of 210kg compared to the ZF 14.4 at 190kg. The ZF 14.4 has a carrying capacity of 221kg while the Power Tank can handle 201kg.

Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle side riding
Zero DSR. Photo: Zero Motorcycles

Here’s a quick comparison between the two electric motorcycles on tap, with charging duties being the biggest disparity:

ZF 14.4ZF 14.4 Power Tank
Top Speed (miles)102 mph102 mph
Curb weight (lbs.)419463
Power pack14.4 kWh Li-Ion14.4 kWh Li-Ion
Charge time to 100% (standard charger)9.8 hours12.1 hours
Charge time to 95% (standard charger)9.3 hours11.6 hours
Charge time to 100% (Charge Tank)2.5 hoursN/A
Charge time to 95% (Charge Tank)2 hoursN/A
City range (miles)163204
Peak torque (ft-lb)116 116
Peak power70 hp (52 kW) @ 3,500 rpm70 hp (52 kW) @ 3,500 rpm
Max. capacity14.4 kWh18.0 kWh

As an electric vehicle, users are concerned both with range and charging times. The ZF 14.4 can be charged up to 95 percent in just 2 hours using the special Charge Tank upgrade. The Power Tank doesn’t get this upgrade, but can be charged to 95 percent in just under 3 hours when you attach multiple stand-alone charger. The on-board charging unit is compatible with both 110- and 220-volt input.

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Riders sit at a seat height of 84.3cm, and are further protected by Bosch Generation 9 ABS systems. Furthermore, Zero Motorcycle guarantees the DSR’s power pack with a 5-year and unlimited-mileage warranty. Starts at $15,495 MSRP.

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