Texan Love: 738-hp Hennessey Twin-Turbo Ferrari 458

An Italian sports car with some Texan love, this  twin-turbocharged Ferrari 458 by Texas-based Hennessey gets 738-hp at the crank.

Some may argue what the point is in giving a supercar more power and alterations that potentially could have been implemented in the factory in the first place. Of course, some of those awesome alterations and power were not available before, or just not thought of by the original designer. Ferrari has decided to implement some new performance tools and, well, power into their 458 Spider.

Hennessey stepped up to the job, and boy did they deliver; combining sleek Italian design with some strong Texan blood sure did yield quite the result. Introducing the two small, low inertia turbochargers to the engine, combined with Ferraris V8 (which is boosted to a relatively mild 7 psi), making the power output shoot up to 738 at the crank. It can get to 60 in 2.8 seconds; and the leap from 20 mph to 120 mph is just ridiculous.

With the majority of the world living amidst the pursuit of power, cars are especially on the forefront for discovering the next level. With John Hennessey’s help, the Ferrari 458 is definitely a contender in that search for the new powerful supercar.

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Hennessey-twin-turbo-Ferrari-458-profile Hennessey-twin-turbo-Ferrari-458-front Hennessey-twin-turbo-Ferrari-458-engine Hennessey-twin-turbo-Ferrari-458-2 Hennessey-twin-turbo-Ferrari-458