The Intrado: Hyundai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivetrain-Powered Concept

Hyundai to unveil the aviation-inspired Intrado — a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain-powered concept 

Hyundai today announced that it will unveil a new concept car named “Intrado” (HED-9) this coming March during the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show. Intrado demonstrates Hyundai’s ongoing commitment to innovation by previewing future styling cues and technological developments. Powered by a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain that’s both smaller and lighter than the system powering Hyundai’s assembly line-produced ix35 FCEV, Intrado’s lightweight structure pairs advanced materials with revolutionary construction.

Future styling

The Hyundai Intrado Concept will be the first concept car to feature styling inspired by “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0”, the latest iteration of Hyundai’s signature design language. The result of close collaboration between Hyundai’s design and engineering teams, much of the work on Intrado was done by Hyundai’s European R&D centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany. This is reflected in the car’s codename, HED-9 (Hyundai Europe Design).


The Hyundai Intrado Concept  takes its name from the underside of an aircraft’s wing which produces the lift needed to make flight possible. Some of Hyundai Intrado Concept’s technical elements are similarly aviation-inspired, including the use of advanced materials in its construction, the painstaking elimination of unnecessary weight, design that follows the vehicle’s purpose, and a highly efficient powertrain.

Peter Schreyer, President and COO of Hyundai Motor Group, commented: “Hyundai Intrado envisages a motoring future that encapsulates the efficiency and freedom associated with flying. I believe in the power of mobility to deliver emotional as well as physical connections, and this car helps us find again the joy of discovery. Intrado shows that future cars can be both relevant and exciting.”

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