V12 Espresso Veloce Coffee Machine

The V12 Espresso Veloce Coffee Machine is the Ultimate Man Cave Accessory

Man, oh, man – espresso, meet manliness. The V12 Espresso Veloce Coffee Machine is the ultimate man cave accessory, crafted from the finest metals, including titanium, aluminum, and magnesium to look like a 1990s Grand Prix V12 engine. Attractive in its own right as a work of art, this piece of art also brews a delicous cup of joe. Limited to an edition of only 500, we do not expect this machine to be cheap – but who wouldn’t pay a little extra for a coffee machine that drips piping hot espresso from an exhaust pipe and sports a car filter morphed into a coffee filter?

This contraption has more machismo than the Fonz, and no one will ever be able to guess what it is unless you tell them. The polished and matte details are as astonishingly realistic as they are beautiful. Car fans will be left drooling, whether they like coffee or not. You and the guys won’t be bashful about taking a sip from the metal mugs that complement the unit perfectly. If you want to take your man cave or office space to the next level, the V12 Espresso Veloce is a must have. Vroom, vroom.


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