2008 Porsche Cayman Review

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We review the 2008 Porsche Cayman – a well-balanced hard-top roadster with decent power and comfort

From the mid-mounted engine to the healthy mix of performance, utility, and comfort, the 2008 Porsche Cayman is simply a well-balanced piece of machinery. Not quite the 911 yet well beyond it’s soft-top Boxter sibling, The Cayman fits nicely in the middle, differentiating itself with killer styling, decent performance, excellent handling, and surprisingly ample cargo space. In other words, if the 911 and Boxter had a child, it would be the Cayman… taking the best genes from both (without the inbred genetic defect stuff, of course).

Under the hood

A horizontally opposed flat-six, 2.7-litre engine produces 245-hp and 201 lb-ft of torque, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with dual flywheel (The Cayman-S adds an extra 50-hp via a 3.4-litre engine paired to a 6-speed tranny). The best part? This coupe is very fuel efficient, getting 10.1L/100km (28mi/gal) in the city, and an impressive 6.8L/100km (42mi/gal) on the highway.

Suspension and footwork

The handling is extraordinary, due primarily to the midengine platform and stiff/hardtop body. The firm suspension and front/rear stabilizer bars, coupled with the PSM (Porsche Stability Management) enhance handling capabilities.

The Cayman rolls on 6.5×17-inch alloys with 205/55ZR17 tires up front, and 8×17-inch alloys wrapped in 235/50ZR17 in the rear. Stopping power comes in the form of 11.7-inch vented rotors with 4-piston calipers up front with 11.8-inch in the back.

2009 porsche cayman review

Cayman Cargo and Interior

With a huge, cooler-sized cavity cargo space in the front and respectable trunk space under the rear hatch (providing total capacity of 14.5 cubic feet), the Porsche Cayman is borderline ‘daily driver’ material. Seriously. I had the car for two weeks, during my wedding reception mind you, so suffice to say I did a lot of running around and never had any issues (and ‘sorry, it’s a two-seater’ came in handy too). Dropping off decorations at the venue, picking up my suit, buying loads of groceries, even loading my camera gear, I never had a problem (my only beef is the inability to load a golf bag, but that’s another story).

In terms of styling, the Cayman is classic Porsche marrying smooth, sexy lines with wide, aggressive styling cues, resembling more the 911 than the Boxter.  And the ‘Cayman’ badging on the rear hatch adds a sense of intrigue as well whereas most are familiar with the iconic Porsche 911, and by now the entry-level Boxter as well which has been around for a decade, the Cayman, however, is still relatively unknown to most so it adds that extra sense of exclusivity and appeal without divulging it’s sub-70K price point.

The interior is remarkably roomy, according to my passenger Jimmy, who is 6-ft 3-inch and 230-lbs. We’ll take his word for it, though he’s right; legroom is good and the arched roof design provides extra head space. HomeLink, cruise control, 3 power sockets, and an AM/FM/CD radio with 4 loudspeakers come standard.

2009 porsche cayman review


Overall, pound-for-pound, the Cayman is a well-balanced sports coupe, and fuel efficient to boot. Especially at it’s $65,500 price-point. Your long, flowing hair will look beautiful cruising in the drop-topped Boxster. But if you’ve got a bit extra to spend and value performance, handling and exterior styling, the Porsche Cayman is perfect.

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2009 porsche cayman review2009 porsche cayman review

below- my brother Rimy from Toronto and my cousin Jaimee from England were in town…so i put them to good use!

2009 porsche cayman review behind the scenes 2009 porsche cayman review behind the scenes

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