2019 GT Carbon Series: Ford’s Lightweight Supercar for Daily Drivers?

Attack the track then scoop up the kids from school

Ford’s GT supercar sheds some serious weight. The new 2019 GT Carbon Series drops close to 40 pounds implementing features like a polycarbonate engine cover, titanium lugnuts and a polycarbonate rear hatch with additional venting, titanium exhaust, and good old carbon fibre wheels to cement this special edition racer as the lightest GT in the lineup.

But compared to the other Ford GTs, the company is billing the Carbon Series as a car that “wants to be driven home after time sheets are collected.” So attack the track then drive home to pickup the kids from school — at true multitasking supercar. And, unlike most lightweight racers, this GT keeps the heavier stuff like air conditioning, a radio, and Ford’s new SYNC3 system.

As Ford puts it, “The Ford GT Carbon Series stands out on the road with its striking carbon fiber-rich design and on the track with its athleticism.”

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The cabin finds matte carbon fiber sills, air register pods and centre console for the most exposed carbon fiber of any Ford GT. Other noteworthy exterior features include two exposed carbon fiber stripes with matching A-pillars, lower body panels, and other optional accent colours to distinguish this limited edition GT from the pack.

2019 GT Carbon Series Availability

Ford plans to build only one 2019 GT Carbon Series per week — interested buyers can hit up www.FordGT.com for 30 days to submit their application as of November 8th when global submissions will be accepted.

New 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series is the lightest car in the company’s GT lineup, saving nearly 40 pounds with lightweight innovations such as carbon fiber wheels and a polycarbonate engine cover


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