New 480-Hp Mustang Mach 1 Set to Arrive With Some Modifications & Wheel Package

A few subtle changes & new wheel package for the Mustang purists.

Last year, Ford announced the release of the new 2021 Mustang Mach 1 — a raging, gas-powered muscle car putting down 480 glorious horses thanks to a specially calibrated 5.0L V8 powerplant borrowed from the Mustang Bullitt — set to arrive this spring 2021. 

Well, the Mustang Design team decided to make some changes to the pre-production version we gawked at in 2020 — three subtle cosmetic changes that won’t go unnoticed by Mustang purists when the 2021 model hits dealerships shortly.

As the Mach 1’s senior designer puts it, “you want everything to be perfect, but when you’re bringing back a classic like Mach 1, it is imperative.”

2021 Mach 1’s grille, badging and fender strips

Below, the pre-production Mach 1 grille vs the new low-gloss black grill on the production model arriving spring 2021:

Old Mach 1 grille (Left. Photo: Ford) Vs New Mach 1 grille (Right. Photo: Ford)

The lower grille now takes on a more menacing look courtesy of a low-gloss black, opposed to the Magnetic Gray we first saw. To improve quality and production processing, the Mustang Design team also decided to change the overall shape of the front edge of the stripe of the fender striping. Finally, that iconic Mach 1 badge gains a silver border to help it better stand out against dark-coloured exterior paint. 

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Below, a look at the new badge with the silver outline:

Old Mach 1 badge (Left. Photo: Ford) Vs New Mach 1 badge (Right. Photo: Ford)

Mustang Mach 1 Handling Package wheels

On a separate note, the new Mach 1 will also offer a new wheel package ramping up the Pony car’s driving dynamics. Typically used for non-production cars, the new cast aluminum wheels utilize a layered construction design, are 2-pounds lighter despite measuring an inch wider, and overall will provide on-track benefits such as structural integrity for hard cornering.

Mach 1 Handling Package vehicles come with:

Unique, wider 19-inch x 10.5-inch front, and 19-inch x 11-inch rear Tarnished Dark-painted aluminum wheels

305/30R19 (front) and 315/30R19 (rear) tires (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2)

Adjustable strut top mounts

Performance rear spoiler with gurney flap

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Revised chassis tuning

Performance front aero splitter

150 per cent more downforce than a Mustang GT with Performance Pack Level 1