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Best Trailers for Camping

The Bruno Trailer is a fresh take on the classic teardrop camper

A durable and bright little camper with German sensibility.

The Latest:

Colorado Campworks NS-1 Off-Road Camper

Compact camper that really can do anything, anywhere.

Crawler TRC 428 aluminum off-road trailer

A rugged, lightweight trailer with all the bells and whistles.

The North Face X Designworks Concept Camper

The North Face teams up with Designworks - BMW Group's design consultancy arm -  on this miniature yet mighty little camper concept previewed at 2019 CES.

Migrator Off-Road Mini Caravan Built for Explorers

Now this is how to you camp in style. The Migrator Off-Road Camper might be the ultimate mini caravan built for overlanders and campers alike.

Bürstner Harmony 3 Concept Caravan is the Ultimate Hotel Room on Wheels

You can’t buy the Bürstner Harmony 3 Concept Caravan (yet) but we'll enjoy gawking at it. This luxury camper sports an in-wall espresso machine. We're sold.

New Airstream Nest by Bryan Thompson Design is Compact, Clever & Affordable

The company's first non-aluminum trailer since the 1950's the Airstream Nest is unlike anything they've produced before

Australia’s Track Trailer updates the rugged little MK4 Tvan Camper Trailer

15 years since its launch, the Track Trailer MK4 Tvan Camper Trailer gains updates for 2016 including a more premium, configurable kitchen.

Airstream’s new tough & lightweight Basecamp Trailer

We can’t all afford to buy dedicated a recreation vehicle, let alone to store it. The Airstream Basecamp Trailer is the next best thing.

The Bruder Expedition EXP-6 Off-Road Trailer

As far as off-road trailers go, it's tough to beat the Bruder Expedition EXP-6 with its composite structural body design built for any trip.

The Classic American Dream Trailer and Row Boat Combo

The Classic American Dream Trailer solves the problem of hauling both a trailer and row boat. Sleeps two, starts at $8900 US.