9 Common Dashboard Car Symbols Explained

When those unfamiliar and ominous lights popup, don't panic - here's what the most common symbols mean.

Your car’s dashboard maintains various symbols, and it’s essential to know what each of them signifies. These ominous little lights are the warning or indicative signs you must be familiar with to stay safe while driving. While some of these are easy to interpret and/or are common, the rest can be hard to understand or may be totally unfamiliar.

If one of these lights pop up while on the road, it might feel stressful if you’re not sure what it means. So, we’ve compiled a list of 9 common car symbols on the dashboard you may come across – and whether it’s time press panic button yet or not.

Tire Pressure Warning

Don’t Stress

The symbol you’d more frequently see is the tire pressure warning light. It denotes you need to reassess your tires to find if one of them lacks or has excess pressure. Standard tire pressure should be between 30psi and 35 psi, and this symbol warns you if you fall outside this range.

Traction Control Light

Don’t Stress

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This symbol would appear on your dashboard when you activate the traction control system. It uses the anti-lock brake system to provide traction to your wheels and is most useful in rain or storm. The traction control system thwarts the car from slipping by applying traction, and the symbol helps knowing it’s still active.

Battery Alert

Look Into It

Among other car symbols on the dashboard is the battery alert. This sign indicates there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s charging system. Unlike the name suggests, this symbol may point out problems beyond just a dead battery, such as faulty battery cables or a broken alternator belt.

Low Fuel Alert


One of the most popular and easily interpretable car symbols on the dashboard is the low fuel indicator. This sign lights up when your car’s running low on fuel, and you must refill it to avoid bumping into a problem later.

Seat Belt Reminder


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This dashboard symbol is also reasonably simple to comprehend. It will continue to show on the dashboard until you and all other passengers have buckled up their seat belts. Constantly appearing on the dashboard, it reminds us to put the seat belt on and avoid injuries in case of a mishap.

Airbag Warning

Look Into It

The airbag indicator will light up when there’s something amiss with your car’s airbags. As they keep you safe during accidents against serious injuries, airbags are an essential part of a safe drive. Therefore, whenever this warning light appears, check the individual airbags or the whole system. Better to consult with your mechanic about that.

Engine Temperature Warning


This symbol would appear on your dashboard when your engine overheats. The sign offers great help to avoid further damage to your powerplant and address the issue immediately.

Oil Pressure Light


The oil pressure light indicates a problem in your vehicle’s oil system. It could be due to a lack of proper oil circulation around the car or your car’s running low on oil in general.

Fog Light Indicator

Don’t Stress

This car symbol means the fog light is active. Some drivers forget to turn off the fog light, affecting other drivers’ vision on the road. This symbol keeps you reminded to turn it off.


A car’s dashboard illuminates various symbols that inform the driver about critical issues and insights. While some of these signs are simple to understand, others can leave you wondering. Therefore, understanding major car symbols on the dashboard can contribute toward a safe and informed drive. Without stressing out.