Ferrari Xezri: A Designer’s Take on the 458 Italia

The Ferrari Xezri, designed by Samir Sadikhov, won second place at the Ferrari World Design Contest in 2011.

His design was actually derived from the Ferrari 458 Italia; he also claims that a lot of inspiration came from the wind passing through the eastern part of the Caspian Sea; he wanted something that would exhibit a design of something pure and elegant.

The name of the car was in fact named for the winds passing over the Caspian Sea; this really creates such an artistic and beautiful duo alongside the ingenuity of the car itself. This design was of a conceptual, mid-engined supercar; it was designed with extreme aerodynamic components that most cars wish to have.

To create a more speed-racer car appearance, Sadikhov implemented a larger sized front splitter, some fender vents, a roof scoop, and some larger side skirts. The rear spoiler especially gives the appearance of something you would see racing, as well are a larger rear diffuser.

Ferrari Xezri

Sadikhov wanted to design something that was of the highest technology possible for an automobile; he wanted it to be characterized with true innovation and style while still representing what Ferrari stands for and wants in their own designs.

Who knows, with all of the recognition this design is getting from people worldwide, maybe Ferrari should be taking some notes on the type of design for their next release. It’s tough to believe the Ferrari Xezri settled for second-place, and not winning it all.

ferrari-xezri-rolling ferrari-xezri-cockpit ferrari-xezri-cabin


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