Campground Beast: The Ford Earthroamer XV-LT Redefines Camping

A Ford F550 Trucks gets amped up to Ford Earthroamer XV-LT status

The heavy duty Ford Earthroamer XV-LT gives owners the ability to go off the beaten path and explore areas that other vehicles wouldn’t dare venture, with all of the comforts of home right in the back.


Earthroamer XV-LT is based on the Ford F550 beast of a vehicle; the back is a luxury camper, providing all the amenities to keep one comfortable while on adventures, and Antarctica is the only continent in which the Earthroamer has not been tested.

XV-LT Price and Fuel Economy

Coming with a 100,000 mile engine warranty on the F550 base vehicle, the 2015 model will cost you between $228,000 and $550,000, depending on your customization tastes.  Can’t wait for the 2015 to come out? Unfortunately, the 2014 models are sold out.  With about 7-8 miles per gallon in the city, and 11-12 mpg highway, the gas mileage for this vehicle isn’t half bad considering it weighs 17,000 pounds and sits on 41 inch tires.

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ford-earthroamer-xv-lt front blackford-earthroamer-xv-lt-rearford-earthroamer-xv-lt-cabin