Cranfield’s $165,000 Formula 1 Simulator is No Joke

For the serious sim racers only

We thought Aston Martin’s $7,450 AMR-C01 racing simulator was next-level. Well, that was before UK-based Cranfield Simulation’s Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 Simulator hit our radar — with a cool $165,000 starting point. 

Clearly for hardcore stay-at-home racers who’ve moved well beyond XBOX and PlayStation, Cranfield’s F1 simulator kicks things off with a cockpit housing a composite single seat chassis formed from a proper F1 mould coupled with a PRO system for quick seat movements for that true to life racing experience. 

UK-based Cranfield Simulation’s Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 Simulator
The modular design of this range-topping F1 sim racer allows the simulator to be upgraded at any time. Photo: Cranfield Simulation

Add a D-BOX suspension platform, a rear traction loss system built on a yaw platform offering lateral acceleration cues, and Cranfield’s proprietary Motion Cueing Technology capable of providing the sensation of sustained motion, it’s clear this F1 racer is no arcade-style setup swallowing endless quarters. 

Simulator steering wheel sporting 9 rotary dials and 12 high-quality push buttons

To get the race started, driver’s are greeted by an adjustable pedal set with a hydraulic brake caliper down below, and above, the insane hand-built GPX steering wheel with LCD screen by Precision Sim Engineering which alone sells for over $3,000, all working in conjunction with simulation software where the magic appears on the massive 55-inch HD screen with VR headset.

Similar to Aston Martin’s simulator, the Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 comes pre-installed and configured with Assetto Corsa. 

gpx steering wheel for UK-based Cranfield Simulation’s Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 Simulator
The GPX Steering Wheel used by professional racing drivers and sim racers around the world is included in the Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 Simulator. Photo: Cranfield Simulation
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If this isn’t enough for all those discerning basement track stars, add-ons include a triple HD screen setup, a wrap-around projection screen arrangement, and even a personalized logo custom embroidered into the G-seat for the full effect. 

The company offers two other, significantly less expensive F1 simulators. But for consumers who take ESports and man caves seriously, this Full Motion + G-Force Formula 1 simulator is the go-to option — all for the price of a small condo. Learn more here.

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