All-Terrain Champ: Land Rover’s New 525-hp Discovery SVX Adventure SUV

With increased ground clearance and new off-road dynamics, Land Rover’s new 525-hp Discovery SVX is the ultimate all-terrain champ fans have been yearning for.

The venerable Disco has been synonymous with off-road adventures since it hit the scene almost thirty-years back in 1989. And an all-new 2017 Discovery was released just last year. But Land Rover’s latest machine — the Discovery SVX — unveiled today at the 67th Frankfurt Motor Show, is what the company is dubbing as their ‘most extreme Land Rover yet.’ However you define your extreme lifestyle, we’re pretty sure this 5.0L supercharged V8-powered all-terrain champion with increased ground clearance, body and suspension lifts, and more wheel articulation and huge all-terrain tires will handle whatever path you provide it.

The best part? This isn’t a vague concept — the new Land Rover Discovery SVX unveiled today is a production preview of what’s to come. The specially tuned Terrain Response 2 system and Active Roll Control are firsts for new Discovery, and will be the first Land Rover assembled by hand at the SVO Technical Centre.

Discovery SVX Availability

Interested in buying one? Production of the SVX, assembled by hand by the way, will begin production sometime next year out of their SVO Technical Centre. Registration begins now at at

Land Rover Discovery SVX front

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