Mini Paceman Goal Cooper: Astroturf and a Foosball Table Included


The Brazilian-themed Mini Paceman Goal Cooper is clearly for the footy fanatics

To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil, the designers at Mini came up with this Goal themed Paceman.  Headed by Oliviero Weilinho, who is a huge soccer fan, the design team based this concept off the John Cooper Works Paceman.

Goal Cooper Features

The Mini features the iconic green, yellow, and blue of the Brazilian flag on the body paint, and interesting Astroturf floor mats.  It even has a foosball table on the center rail to entertain its 4 passengers (let us hope the driver isn’t one of those).  The interior lights are designed to resemble the flood lights within a soccer stadium.  If you are stuck in traffic, you and the fellows around you can take advantage of the free time with a pick-up soccer game.  The automatic lift gate contains an Astroturf mat and goal net that are tied to a phone app that registers every time a goal is made.

Availability? Not Available

Unfortunately for all you diehard fans out there, this little wagon isn’t going to be available any time soon.  This over-the-top Mini was intended as an April’s Fools Day joke by the folks at Mini.  Nice job guys.