New Ram Truck’s Laramie Longhorn Edition Goes Upscale Country

Ram’s all-new 2019 1500 pickup gets some heavy southwestern flavour with the new Laramie Longhorn Edition. Giddyup.

Ram unveiled their all-new 1500 pickup recently at the Detroit Auto Show — a lighter, redesigned truck with a new ehybrid powertrain — and wasted no time introducing a special edition version of the popular model that’ll appeal to those down with some Southwestern action.

The American truck maker pins the new Laramie Longhorn Edition as ‘the world’s benchmark for upscale pickup trucks.’ It’ll be hard to compete with the best-selling, luxury GMC Sierra Denali on that account, but time and consumer tastes will tell. Very least, it’s another option for Ram fans if the High Country model won’t cut it. 

new ram truck Laramie Longhorn – Crew Cab logo inside

Lending this 2019 1500 some extra flair are some exterior updates including monotone or two-tone paint with lower Walnut Brown trim, premium LED headlamps and tail lamps, and unique wheels and grilles. For added measure, throw in a belt-buckle badge on the front doors and tailgate.

…it’s another option for Ram fans if the High Country model won’t cut it. 

Inside, materials are all premium as you’d expect but with that upscale rancher touch taking inspiration from things like antique pocket watchs, hand-tooled leather cowboy boots, and of course, a saddle. And all the wood, metal and leather elements in the cabin are all authentic. With colour choices like Mountain Brown/Light Mountain Brown and Black/Cattle Tan all you’re missing is a ten gallon hat and a saloon.

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The all-new 2019 Ram 1500 goes on sale later this year. We’ll have firm pricing once Ram releases it.

new ram truck Laramie Longhorn – Crew Cab cabin interior

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