Special Edition Blacked-Out Version of the 911 Soundbar

Level up your man cave with a special edition of the 911 Soundbar

A cleaner, more polished version of the original GT3 Soundbar we featured a few years ago, the new Porsche 911 Soundbar Black Edition offers a little more exclusivity for dudes looking to ramp up their man caves.

Limited to 911 units, this latest piece by the team at Porsche Design includes a plaque with sequential limited edition number — all in black so the seams and grit of the original 911 Soundbar taken from a real GT3 rear silencer and twin exhaust aren’t visible. The price for this blacked-out version also increases from US$3150 to about US$4500.

Looks aside, you can still expect the sweet, glorious and undistorted sound of a 4.0L horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine filling the room thanks to the 200 watt power system paired a subwoofer-output for extra bass duties.

porsche 911 soundbar black edition
The special edition of the 911 Soundbar of original rear silencer and tailpipe trim of the Porsche 911 GT3, is carefully finished by hand and used as a subwoofer Helmholtz resonator extension [boost]. Exclusive design with matt black and shiny black elements. Pic: Porsche Design
Weighting around 19kg and made of half stainless steel and half medium-density fibreboard, and equipped with a remote control, the Black Edition soundbar includes 2 digital inputs (coaxial and optical), an analogue input (cinch), and LED display, DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing, Dolby Digital decoder, and Bluetooth interface for easy pairing duties.

Measuring 740 mm x 320 mm x 280 mm we’re pretty sure this won’t hog much mantle space, but if you’re looking for something smaller also check out this portable 911 Bluetooth soundbar. 

Learn more at Porsche Design here.

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