Porsche Expands its Track Experience Out West to Area 27 Motorsports Park

Leave your car at home

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What’s better than hitting the track in a fleet of new Porsche 911s that don’t belong to you, led by world-class driving instructors? Doing it all in one of Canada’s most beautiful regions.

The Porsche Track Experience (previously called Porsche Sport Driving School), expands its one-day and two-day professional driving courses out west to Area 27 –  Canada’s only private motorsports club, recently opening doors to a new member clubhouse along with a badass kart track designed by Jacques Villeneuve slated for a July 2019 debut. 

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Offered already in eastern Canada at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP) in Bowmanville, Ontario, Porsche’s performance driving courses now head to the vineyard laden Okanagan region in Penticton, British Columbia. 

The Porsche Track Experience consists of three separate packages suited for those just starting out to car lovers wishing to ramp up their track abilities; there’s also a one-day Women’s Precision Training at the CTMP location where participants drive with other females. 

Porsche Track Experience Precision Training Area 27 amee reehal
Nestled amongst vineyards in the Okanagan Desert Region of British Columbia Canada, the Porsche Track Experience at Area 27 is spread over 3 glorious miles of track with 16 corners to dive into, all taking advantage of natural elevation changes. Photo: Amee Reehal

The three main Porsche courses at Area 27 include:

  1. Precision Training: a one-day affair developed for those with no prior track experience
  2. Performance Training: a two-day course for returning participants looking to further improve vehicle control
  3. Master Training: a two-day course for advanced participants focused on improving their sport driving abilities

A Porsche driving experience for various skill levels

Zacharie Robichon, one of the instructors (and driver of the Pfaff Motorsports GTD Porsche and current Porsche GT3 Cup Champion) explains the courses as, “Precision is an intro to high-performance driving behind the wheel of a Porsche. It caters to everyone from experienced drivers to anyone looking to refine their driving skills.”

Zacharie Robichon Porsche Track Experience Precision Training Area 27
Porsche Track Experience is led by a stellar group of instructors, including Kees Nierop and Zacharie Robichon (pictured here) who is also the 2018 Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Champion. Photo: Amee Reehal

He adds, “Performance Training is for the enthusiasts who wants to continue learning how to extract the most out of their cars; it teaches you how to push the performance of Porsche machines.”

“Masters Training is an opportunity to master skills learned in the other two levels; designed for those who simply love driving – passionate car fans looking to increase their track skills.”

No 911, no problem

It’s worth noting participants don’t use their own cars. As Jennifer Cooper, Manager of Porsche Experience Canada, states, “Owning a new 911 isn’t practical for everyone. This is their way of experiencing the product and the brand and you don’t need to own a Porsche to participate.”

This particular Precision Training session saw a mix of current 911 owners (many who have never hit the track before), car enthusiasts in general, and those considering buying a new 911 but still on the fence. 

Porsche Track Experience Precision Training Area 27
A fleet of new 991 911s to brighten the day. The new 992 model 2020 Porsche 911s are anticipated for next year’s Track Experience. Photo: Amee Reehal

This Precision Training course we took part in included existing 911 owners (many who’ve never hit the track before), car enthusiasts in general, and several strongly considering buying a 911 and looking to get a little better acquainted with the beastly 420-hp track rocket.

End of the day, whether you’re going to buy a new Porsche or not, the courses offered are professional, informative, and fun. All taking place on arguably one of the best tracks in the country.

To learn more including pricing head over to Porsche Track Experience site here. 

Area 27 expands facility with new clubhouse and upcoming KartPlex

Nestled amongst vineyards in the Okanagan Desert Region of British Columbia Canada, the Porsche Track Experience all takes place at Area 27, spread over 3 glorious miles of track with 16 corners to dive into, all taking advantage of natural elevation changes.

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The motorsport park is a members only facility but programs like the Porsche Track Experience allow the public to access the world-class facility.

Clubhouse open for business

Porsche Track Experience Precision Training Area 27 clubhouse
New clubhouse finally opens at Area 27. Photo: Amee Reehal

The park now officially opens the doors to its new 11,000 square foot clubhouse which includes a large Members lounge & dining area, shaded patio, classroom, locker rooms, show room, pro shop, and offices for executive staff.

Think country golf club but for motorheads.

Kart track designed by legendary racer Jacques Villeneuve

For something on a smaller scale but equally as fun, is the Jacques Villeneuve-designed kart track with an anticipated opening date of July 2019. The Area 27 Kartplex is an ‘open to the public’ opportunity that provides a full-service karting centre to customers of all ages and experience levels 7 days per week; bookings handled through an online system or simply drop-in.

Karting sessions include a fleet of state-of-the-art TB race karts, driving suits, and helmets. More info to come once the Area 27 KartPlex opens next month.

Check out this rendering of the KartPlex layout:

Each of the Kartplex’s racing programs are tailored to the needs of the group regardless of the group type or size. Photo: Area 27

Photos from the one-day Precision Training course:

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