Ripping Around in the 2019 Nissan Altima-te AWD Snow Sedan

Throw some tracks on it

Standard AWD is new to the 2019 Nissan Altima in Canada – No, this isn’t what you get

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It’s an idea as outrageous as it is brilliant: take a mainstream sedan, remove the wheels, raise the suspension and add four tracks for unbeatable deep-snow performance.

Such is how the Nissan Altima-te came to be. The brainchild of Nissan Canada director of corporate communications Didier Marsaud, who also conceived of Nissan’s Micra Cup racing circuit, the Altima-te is a marketing tool designed to highlight the standard all-wheel drive offered on the 2019 Nissan Altima.

It was or will be a star at the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver auto shows, but it’s no mere stage accessory. It works.

Best sedan for snow needs serious tracks

Riding on large Dominator tracks from American Track Truck — which also supplied the tracks for the Nissan Rogue Warrior — there isn’t much that can stop the Altimate.

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2019 nissan altimate awd vs Rogue Warrior
Nissan’s 2 snow beasts sharing a moment at the Mecaglisse Motorsport Complex in Québec – the Rogue Warrior and Altima-te AWD. Photo: Amee Reehal

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If you turtle, or get high-topped on hardpack where the tracks can’t touch the ground or if you try to drive through a ditch where the slopes are too steep for the tracks to articulate are about the only two things that will stop it.

The difficult part was integrating the tracks and making it all look decent. Check out the fender flares, but more importantly, check out how well-integrated they are, particularly to accommodate the still-functional rear doors.

2019 nissan altimate awd snow sedan amee reehal (5 of 13)
Riding on large Dominator tracks from American Track Truck there isn’t much that can stop the Altima-te. Photo: Amee Reehal

Driving the beast was a hoot. First, it’s loud, but get it up to speed and the sound drops, perhaps by sound waves cancelling each other. Speed also smooths out the ride, as there’s quite a bit of vibration at slower speeds.

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The installation and finishing was done by Quebec-based Motorsports in Action.

The Altima-te accessory package will be available… never.

2019 Altima-te AWD Photos:

Photos: © Amee Reehal

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