The Safari Alto Travel Trailers: Lightweight Ride with Luxury

A lightweight travel caravan with just enough luxury – and you can tow it with your sedan

Safari Alto’s travel trailers are unique in the world of caravans.  These compact condos on wheels are small enough to be pulled by a sedan, but offer all the amenities of larger trailers.  The secret to their design is the tough but lightweight construction of aluminum.  With the cost of gasoline ever on the rise, Safari Alto wanted to make a travel trailer that would be both lightweight and have the lowest possible drag coefficient.  By accomplishing their goal, the company was able to produce a trailer that has a low center of gravity, water-resistant materials, and can be pulled by a small car instead of a gas-guzzling truck.  

2 Versions Available

The trailer is available in two styles; the “R” series has a retractable aluminum roof and is the most fuel efficient.  The “F” series offers a similar design with a fixed-roof.  Both trailers come with configurable dining area that can be transformed into beds and sleep 3-4 people.  They are also equipped with flush toilets, and optional showers.  However, these highly functional trailers will set you back a lot of money.  The trailers start at $24,000 and go up with added amenities.         


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