Wake Up to the Super Veloce Flax Six 993 Espresso Machine

Supercar inspired art (and it makes coffee)

If we had the Espresso Veloce Flat Six 993 espresso maker sitting in our kitchen there would be absolutely no reason to ever step inside a Starbucks ever again. Ever. And never again pay like $10 for an Americano.

Weighting a healthy 23 kg and sitting 385 mm high, this piece of art sports bright silver cylinder heads, alloy stainless steel components, assembly struts available to order in either Black, Bright Silver, Gold, Grey or Satin Silver. And those sweet throttle bodies are also available to customer specifications.

Based out of South Africa, Super Veloce is all about creating limited edition functional art. And if you’re a gear head, bonus.

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Paying homage to legend Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Super Veloce’s founder and designer, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, drew inspiration from one of the last 911’s sporting an air-cooled flat six from a 1990’s Porsche 993 GT2.

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Imagine waking up to a coffer maker like this? Mornings would be never be the same. But only 993 pieces are available. So, your crappy Black&Decker might have to do.

Learn more at Super Veloce.

super-veloce-flax-six-993-espresso-machine 3 super-veloce-flax-six-993-espresso-machine 2

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