The Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept debuts at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda plans to unveil their C-segment Civic Tourer “Active Life Concept” at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, giving outdoor lifestyle consumers a taste of things to come, maybe. This is a concept after all. And North Americans aren’t offered the Tourer anyway. But we can certainly admire Honda’s wagon concept.

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Tourer Active Life Concept Features

The concept makes full use of its 1668 litres trunk space and a low loading height. Features include a smart loading rack capable of transporting two bicycles, along with a retractable arm which can be extended from the rack, making maintenance and repairs easier. Other maintenance accessories include a built in integrated air pump, a large light located on the tailgate, an extended shade area and a retractable bench making the Concept an ideal vehicle for cycling enthusiasts.

An exterior to match the lifestyle

Inline with the active lifestyle of weekend warriors, the exterior styling of the Civic Tourer Active Life Concept needs to comply, so Honda adds touches including blue paint finish with a lower gun metallic gradation and a silver roofline which help accentuate the Civic Tourer’s sleek styling and aerodynamic design. The concept also finds new 18-inch alloy wheels and a custom design rear bumper.

Interior features customized theme

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept

Inside, the concept Civic Tourer finds fronts seats with leather and suede plus a carbon tape with blue piping that runs along the center and along the upper outer areas of the seat, continuing into the suede door lining. As in the Civic Sport and Civic Type R, this Civic Tourer concept cabin also gets a steering wheel and gear shift in blue stitching and a sporty black roof lining.

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Combining cargo and style for the active consumers, if this Honda Civic Tourer comes to fruition, we’re pretty sure this wagon will sell. Next? Time to buy some bikes.

Hit the mountains…in a Civic. The Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept Photos:

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