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Dream Camper: Volkswagen’s Super-sized California XXL Concept

Adventure Vehicles Camper & Trailer Dream Camper: Volkswagen's Super-sized California XXL Concept

VW’s campervan has come a long way since the original T1 if the California XXL Concept comes to fruition

At the Caravan Salon show held in Düsseldorf, Germany, in June, Volkswagen showed off a concept vehicle that promises to be the ultimate option for those looking to lead the vanlife. Falling somewhere between a regular camper van and a full-blown RV, the California XXL delivers a surprising amount of amenities and space in a vehicle that is capable of traveling both on- and off-road.


The California XXL is a larger version of the existing California camper van. Built on Volkswagen’s Crafter platform, the vehicle features an extra-tall roof and an extended wheelbase to provide a bit more space inside. It comes with an all-wheel drive system for tackling tough terrain and slick conditions, air suspension for smoothing out bumps, and a 175-horsepower diesel engine to get it from one place to the next.

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Inside the California XXL

Inside, the XXL has even more impressive features, starting with a climate-controlled lofted sleeping area that includes a panoramic skylight that is perfect for stargazing. An additional child-sized bed pulls out over the passenger area below, and can be stowed away nicely when not in use. The bathroom expands out of the wall to create a privacy divider between the front and rear of the vehicle, while also offering access to a full-size toilet, shower, and a sink. Similarly, the kitchen area includes a retractable two-burner stove, dual refrigerators, and a 50-liter capacity freezer. It also comes equipped with storage cabinets, a built-in garbage can, and a magnetic spice rack. [via]

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