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From mild to wild, some of the custom machines we’ve discovered have a look perhaps only their creators might love. You be the judge. From a rusty 1996 Honda Magna that was made to be ugly, to a 1950s pre unit Triumph built to reflect a period West Coast custom -- some might be sow's ears while others silk purses. Also checkout our Cafe Racers and Classics features.

MadJap Kustoms Chopper

The Unicorn is Down: MadJap Kustoms Mythical Chopper

Down But Not Out as MadJap and Jesus Imposter Resurrect a Mythical Chopper There’s a unicorn, a rainbow and Jesus. To freak out the children,...

Punk’d! A Badass 1977 Honda CB750F2 Brat Bike

The do-it-yourself ethos of punk music inspired a man born long after the music itself had died. A 1977 Honda CB750F2 Brat Bike motorcycle story. As...

Stripped, Slammed and Sinuous: Two 1960s Triumph Pre-Unit Motorcycles

Stripped, Slammed and Sinuous - A pair of gorgeous Triumph pre-unit builds from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Revolutionary: A Pair of Custom Harley-Davidson V-ROD Bikes With Style

For Harley-Davidson that single word sums up the VRSCA V-Rod, a machine first introduced to the public nearly 10 years ago.

TJ Cycle’s Sportster Custom: Old Parts for a New Motorcycle

Oh, Behave! Builder uses parts at hand to construct Miss Behavin' - a sportster custom bike. Creating something from nothing is what Mark Blundell does best....