Whistler, British Columbia – If you’re looking to hit one of the world’s most scenic highways, put the Sea-to-Sky Highway 99 on your adventure bucket list – a 75 mile, 120 km stretch of comfortably windy roads hugging the breath-taking BC-coast from Vancouver to Whistler.

While these twisty roads crave sporty coupes and motorcycles, it equally welcomes smooth-riding, 7-passenger SUVs with large windows and panoramic roofs opening up to the mountains and coastal lakes.

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Next-generation Navigator

The Navigator is all-new for 2018. And twenty-years later, Lincoln has reinvented its full-size SUV into a sleek, modern designed family vehicle with smooth power, exceptional handling, and a huge cabin with enough tech to keep the family quiet for the 1.5 hour drive.

But if your passengers are on iPads opposed to glued to the window taking in the views, it’s time for new passengers.

Here are 7 things to know about the new 2018 Navigator including full gallery

1New 450-hp Engine

Taking turns. The new Navigator’s handling and drive is a smooth as you’d expect from Lincoln. This full-size SUV rides more like a mid-size hauler. Pic: Amee Reehal

Powering this full-sizer is an all-new 3.5L turbo-charged V6 engine. Mated to a 10-speed transmission ensures the new Navigator provides a more efficient drive that’s more smooth and controlled on the road than the outgoing model. For the more techy types, might be good to know this new 450-hp power plant includes complete electronic control of a turbocharged engine and dual point fuel injection — a Lincoln first.

If the Navigator is too large, Lincoln is releasing the all-new Aviator mid-size SUV for 2019.

2Drive Modes

2018 Lincoln Navigator centre passthrough cabin

3Next-level Head-Up Display

2018 Lincoln Navigator rear view sunset
Lincoln is the first to use a digital light projection (DLP) technology in its Head-Up Display allowing the display to be visible in more ambient lighting conditions. Pic: Amee Reehal

HUDs have been around for awhile but Lincoln dials it up a notch here. The automaker is the first to use a digital light projection (DLP) technology in its Head-Up Display allowing the display to be visible in more ambient lighting conditions. Best part? For those who drive with polarized sunglasses, myself included, this huge display doesn’t disappear – something that’s pretty annoying to be frank.

4Huge Panoramic Roof comes Standard

2018 Lincoln Navigator seats
Lincoln massage seats. Enough said. Pic: Amee Reehal

Lincoln calls it Vista Roof. We just call it really, really big, opening up the already ample cabin space, especially for rear passengers, with the first and second row top windows. Yup, they’re both retractable.

5Crazy Comfortable Seats

2018 Lincoln Navigator front dash
You can’t argue with Lincoln interiors. The fit and finish in the new Navigator is all premium, all the time. Pic: Amee Reehal

If you’re familiar with Lincolns, you know they don’t hold back on comfortable seats. From your grandpa’s old Continental to today’s models with seating inspired by private jets and high-end office furniture.

Except today’s models provide a proper massage treatment. The new Navigator’s available Active Motion massage seats coupled with what the company dubs Perfect Position Seats will ensure your ass and back thank you after that long journey.

10-way adjustable seats come standard. Not enough? Opt for the available 24-way with thigh extensions or 30-way with thigh extensions and multi-contour functionality.

My only grief with all this: Too. Many. Settings. But in today’s world of luxury and consumption, more the merrier.

6Camera with 360 Views

2018 Lincoln Navigator rear view

7Available Features of Note

2018 Lincoln Navigator in the snow
Parting shot of a pair of 2018 Navigators enjoying the snow in Whistler. Pic: Amee Reehal

Both the Land Keeping System and Enhanced Active Park Assist are available to ramp it up.

Lane Keep does exactly that: the rear camera monitors road lane markings to ensure this large SUV stays on course. Park Assist is a convenient one for a vehicle this size which makes getting in and out of tight spaces a bit easier.

8Full 2018 Lincoln Navigator Gallery

Gallery by Amee Reehal shot in Whistler, BC