Badass Land Rover Defender Van Concept by Designer Samir Sadikhov

With its big knobby wheels, extended wheelbase, and huge roof rack for gear, this Land Rover Defender 4x4 Van Concept needs to happen.

Known for his awe-inspiring work within the automotive world — in particular, the Rezvani Tank and Ferrari Xeri — industrial designer Samir Sadikhov unleashes a new design that will make 4×4 off-roaders, classic Land Rover Defender fans, and Van Lifers pretty darn happy. 

But there’s one major exception: the German-based designer’s Van Defender is only a concept; one that will likely, and unfortunately, never come to fruition. 

Sadikhov takes the legendary retro Defender 4×4 and transforms it into a boxy yet stylish camper van able to traverse mountains with ease, while offering all the luxuries of campers desire. Up front, all indications of an SUV are gone, replaced by a stubby look including a flat windshield and massive bull bar. 

Based on the three-door Defender 90, this concept van’s track is widened and its wheelbase extended to 110 inches. Photo: Samir’s Customs

The cabin of this Defender 90 is clearly extended, paired to a widened track and extended wheelbase to 110 inches. We don’t have many details of the Van Defender’s interior, but we can gawk at its exterior all day long. 

Riding on blacked-out wheels wrapped in burly all-terrain tires resting inside the flared out fenders, the entire camper van is covered with an external roll cage, which makes sense considering how height this beast sits. A large roof rack above handles all survival gear, accessed via rear mounted step ladder. 

land rover defender van rear view
Samir’s Customs’ Land Rover Van Defender Rendering. Photo: Samir’s Customs
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Interestingly, from all angles it remains clear this off-roader is an old-school Defender. From the classic lines running front to back to the round head lamps, spotlights and grille bar up front, Sadikhov creates a gorgeous off-road van while successfully maintaining the iconic SUV’s charisma and style. 

Again, this stunning, chopped up Defender 90 won’t be hitting the trails anytime soon, and there’s always the new model to consider. But there are enough classic Defender custom shops that could make this happen. We’ll be waiting. 

Meantime, hit up Samir’s Behance page here to see more of his inspiring projects.

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