LEGO brings the new Raptor to life with 1,379-piece Technic set

Still no V8 but it's a Raptor in brick form, we'll take it.

The burly F-150 Raptor enters its next-generation for 2021, with a V8-powered, 760-hp Raptor R slated for 2022. But LEGO has its own plans for the truck of all trucks with the 1,379-piece Technic F-150 Raptor set arriving this October 2021 priced at $99. Expect a V6 engine with moving pistons under the LEGO Raptor’s hood, paired to suspension at all wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires nestled inside flared-out fenders to conquer the unpaved roads. The Technic series is typically more challenging with more detailed features — in interior of this one is no exception, easily viewed by opening one of the 4 doors. Of course, you can pop up the hood and truck bed as well. The front end finds a proper skid plate, distinct headlights, and Raptor grill treatment with 3 small LEDs unique to this range-topping F-150. When finished, the LEGO Raptor will sit 6-inches (15 cm) high and 7-inches (18 cm) wide, spanning nearly 17-inches (42 cm) long. With so many LEGO car sets coming out lately, it’s nice s badass full-size pickup in the mix.