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Reviews: Latest 5-Door Cars and Wagon Tested

best hatchbacks 2020 to cozy up during crisis

Quarantine Comfort: here are some great 2020 hatchbacks to cozy up with

One thing the pandemic has exposed is our need to be close to one another. Small 5-door cars do it best. Here are some 2020 hatchbacks to get you started.
2020 Toyota Prius xle awd hatchback

Closer look at Toyota’s range-topping Prius 5-door with AWD

Shopping for a Toyota Prius? Here's a closer look at the range-topping XLE with AWD (AWD-e Technology in Canada). Prius XLE price, competitors, MPG & more.
2020 volvo v60 cc t5 amee reehal (8 of 16)

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 AWD Review

The Volvo V60 Cross Country does a great job of reminding us why station wagons were once so popular (and can do pretty much everything that an SUV can).
2020 Kia Forte5 hatchback review

First Drive: 2020 Kia Forte5 Hatchback Review | Forget the Crossovers

Hatchbacks offer that low-slung, sporty look & handling you don't get with CUVs. The new 2020 Kia Forte5 entry-level EX is stylish, roomy & affordable.
2018 Honda Fit Sport orange rolling in the mountains

2018 Honda Fit Sport Review

With no performance bump, the 2018 Honda Fit Sport adds black wheels, a chrome tailpipe, a subtle body kit & a black/orange interior, all slapped with a 'sport' badge.
2018 Hyundai ioniq plugin hybrid

2018 Hyundai Ioniq Review | A Plug-in Hybrid for Hatchback Fans

A new Hyundai hybrid hits the scene. We review the 2018 Ioniq Electric Plus - a middle ground between the EV and the standard hybrid car.
2018 buick regal gs review amee reehal

First Drive: 2018 Buick Regal GS Review | The American Sportback Sedan

The 2018 Regal GS makes a strong case for buying a mid-size sedan. Buick's all-new 4-door for 2018 with its hatchback-style rear lid provides crossover-type cargo space.
2018 MINI Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 Review

2018 MINI Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 Review

When the chance to review a Cooper SD performance diesel model arose - unavailable in North America - we went for it.

Best in Sports Wagons & AWD Wagons for a New Generation of 5-Door Fanatics

Remember station wagons growing up? Those family vehicles of choice before SUVs and minivans showed up? Well, they're kind of making a comeback offering new car buyers an alternative to crossovers and 5-door hatchbacks. Check out some of our popular wagon features:

One more reason to love wagons: Porsche adds 550-HP Sport Turismo...

With 550-hp and seating for 3 in the rear, the all-new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo may be the sexiest wagon we've seen in awhile. Here's a closer look.

Jon Olsson’s Camo-Cladded Audi RS6 Takes Wagons to a Whole New...

This camo 2014 Audi RS6 beauty will take Jon Olsson and 4 buddies from 0-60 in a mere 3.9 seconds – not bad performance for a wagon, right?