Step up your java game with a stealthy, $11,000 RS Black Edition espresso machine

Is the coffee any good? Who cares

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Ditch that crappy coffer maker Mom got you in college, and forget about those expensive K-Cup Pods. It’s about time you level-up your java game with Super Veloce’s new Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition. More aggressive and “more masculine” than the previous Flat Six 993 espresso maker, this blacked-out edition pays homage to the last modern classic 993 air-cooled, flat-six engine typically found on the racing circuit. Well, now it belongs on your kitchen counter. Ringing in at nearly 50-pounds, the RS Black Edition is handcrafted using all the good stuff including carbon fibre, titanium, and aluminum alloy. The engine block gets the anodized satin black treatment, the cylinder heads in bright black, and those chunky cam covers in jet-black high pressure thermoset carbon fibre. Pulling off a beefy yet elegant look, this beauty is a ground coffee, capsule type espresso machine. So, what does a Cup of Joe from this Porsche coffee maker taste like? We have no idea and frankly don’t care. All we know is we seriously need one. But with only 993 units being produced at a cool $11,000 each (or €10,200, to be exact), maybe we’ll just stick with our trusty little Keurig. Or just pickup a portable espresso maker for the road.