UK-based designer’s Cybertruck redesign Tesla should be looking at

More stylized and ready to rock

With its massive, flat surfaces and spacey, angular lines, Tesla’s chief of design Franz von Holzhausen single-handedly redefined what a typical light pickup truck could look like. Even the Rivian R1T retains the conventional truck look. But that didn’t stop UK-based designer Khyzyl Saleem from putting his own spin on the all-electric, battery-powered truck. 

In his words, “Put this render together just to show the scale of this thing, and how it can actually still be used as a Truck. I did, after all, use the Cybertruck as my base, it’s still the same scale as the original, just made more use of the body.” 

In reality, the pre-production model is actually 5-percent larger than the anticipated production version arriving in 2021, according to Elon Musk in this short video with Jay Leno:

But we digress and like what Saleem has done here, bolting on extra parts to transform the futuristic-looking pickup into a more stylized Cybertruck Musk should seriously consider. Of course, there’s also this pair of Cybertruck RC cars, if that’s more your speed.

Gone are those underwhelming black wheels and tires, replaced here by big, burly rubber fit for off-grid adventures. The skinny fenders get jacked up with massive, black ones nicely integrated into the front hood up front and rear quarter panel in the back. Saleem appropriately slapped on a pair of chunky black side skirts, a low front valance, and a thin LED light up above to round out the look. 

tesla cybertruck redesign Khyzyl Saleem
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He didn’t mess with the original body lines which is evident at first glance, but gave his rendition a more trophy truck vibe sitting on a what he says is “on the lowest height setting.” 

Granted, with the low ride height, the more curvy look, and added parts Saleem’s version of the Cybertruck is more inspirational than realistic. we simply can’t get this redesign out of our heads. Franz, if you’re reading, please take note of this one. 

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