Lexus GXOR Concept SUV

Ultimate off-road machine for GX lovers

Lexus GX enthusiasts who value off-road capabilities with ultimate SUV luxury will hit the floor upon laying eyes on the GXOR Concept. The Japanese automaker actually listened to their GX fans, presenting them with this badass machine of their dreams — the only problem? It’s a concept (and just a dream). So yeah, the Lexus GX Off-Road will never see production. But this adventurer is inspiring nonetheless for GX owners going off the grid. Riding on F Sport wheels wrapped in 18-inch all-terrain rubber, this beast is ready to go. The front custom bumper gets a hidden 9.5 XPS winch, an aftermarket tow-pro brake controller for towing duties, and full underbody armour to handle the rough stuff. Up top, the GXOR finds a 50-inch LED light bar, snorkel, K9 roof rack with storage cases, and an Overland solar 160-watt panel for a touch of efficiency. The concept also comes with a burly Patriot Campers modified trailer. Concept or not, it’s always good to see luxury SUVs putting their technology to use. Lexus killed it with this one. Now, they just need to produce a bunch. Meantime, check out the new 2020 GX 460 here.