The Grunt is Volcon’s first all-electric off-roader offering range, power & big knobby tires

With 100 mile range on a 2-hour charge, the trails are calling.

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There’s a new player in the all-electric vehicle space — except this one is all about adventure. Austin, Texas-based Volcon Inc. hits the scene and stakes the claim as the first all-electric, off-road powersports company with an eye on producing two and four-wheeled electric, off-road adventure and utility vehicles. And you’re looking at their first creation — the Grunt: an all-terrain, all-electric motorbike offering an easy-to-ride experience. Looking at those massive, knobby tires, this little brute does look fun, reminding us a bit of the Droog Moto DM-15. Powered by a hot-swappable, fully-waterproof 60-volt battery pack that only takes a couple hours to recharge using any household outlet, the Grunt can explore for up to 100 miles on a single charge — not bad for a day out in the woods, considering this thing isn’t a full-fledged adventure motorcycle. Offering 50-hp and 75 lb.-ft. of torque, the Grunt can hit a decent 60 mph top speed in 6-seconds when The Wild calls and it’s time to book it. With 12-inches of ground clearance and 3 different ride modes to adjust throttle response depending on the riders’ experience, Volcon is touting their first product as a low-maintenance machine, so less time on repairs and more time hitting the unbeaten path. The Volcon Grunt will start at $5,995 with first deliveries sets for Spring 2021, followed by two and four-seat “side-by-side” sport and utility vehicles if a motorcycle isn’t your thing. Learn more about the Grunt here