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Bandit9 Project Odyssey Motorcycle side view

Bandit9 Project Odyssey Motorcycle: A Leap Into the Future

Bandit9’s new signature bike leaps into the future of motorcycles

The group at Bandit9 is renowned for producing futuristic, distinctly-styled motorcycles. We’ve featured a few of them including the stealthy and stripped-down Nero MKII and the Bishop Concept based on the Honda SuperSport.


The latest creation from the Beijing-based shop is this Bandit9 Odyssey — a unibody 2-wheeler with a super clean look. Built using 904L steel topped with a memory foam core seat then covered in a huge piece of black leather, the Odyssey is the company’s new signature motorcycle. Completely bespoke and all machined with precision down to nanometers, this aircraft-inspired machine incorporates performance components from race-worthy aeronautic materials.

We’re guessing anyone commissioning this beauty will keep it parked in their living room and not in the garage.