Biltwell Bubble Shields: Protect Your Face in Style

Injected into a mold, the Bubble Shields are made of polycarbonate and come in a solid, clear and mirror gradient finish. With plated snaps each shield features the Biltwell anvil logo. These shields fit the stock 3-snap visor configuration on most novelty and DOT-certified helmets.

Overview of Biltwell Bubble Shields

  • Fits Most 3-Snap Helmets
  • Shatter Proof Protection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Great Optical Clarity
  • DOT Certified for DOT Certified Helmets
  • Can be found on the biltwell website or at other motor bike retailers
  • A Variety of Colors are Available

Biltwell Bubble Shields

Biltwell Bubble Shields

The Concept

The idea behind Bubble Shields and other helmet shield and visors is to protect the face of the rider and at the same time giving the motorcycle riders the ability to see all that is in their field of view.

The Biltwell Mantra

You could easily go and buy a bubble shield that will be helpful to your safety and comfort in riding your bike but it really is not the greatest of ideas. When you think about it, you would not settle for anything less in any other area of your life so why settle for less in your gear when you ride? By buying the best equipment, you have better protection from the elements, potential injury, and better comfort for your ride.

Biltwell has created their company along with the products they create and sell by having these words to live by, “Our motivation at Biltwell was pretty simple back in 2005. We believe the era of 800-dollar billet air cleaners is over. There’s nothing about a leather-trimmed hand control or lighted skull ignition cover that’s rooted in improved function or performance. Any motorcycle part designed, manufactured or sold for the sole purpose of making its owner looks like a tough guy (think $189 tribal-flamed billet shifter nob) is a waste of time and money.” And with those words, the guided principles of the Biltwell name were born. “At Biltwell, we think quality counts.”

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